Engineering Services

3地开机号彩经网 Industrial Design
Our aim is to provide you creative and innovative solution to meet the specific needs of the market. We emphasize on team innovation. Every stage of the development process is a combination of teamwork spirit, creation and computerization from rendering to 3D modeling.

Mechanical Design
We emphasize on the concurrent engineering with advanced computerized integrated analysis to guarantee safety, reliability as well as cost effectiveness. It results in better team-based cooperation and faster customer feedback.

Electronic Design Engineering
In electronic design engineering, we employ sophisticated simulation software to support circuitry design. High-level simulation technique is used to supplement the demerit of low-level language programming. Besides design assurance, electronic design engineering also secures design accuracy and speed up the development process.

Design Assurance
In the development stage, we will implement severe design assurance tests against both mechanical and electronic circuitry designs in order to make sure that the circuit fully complies with its technical specification. Through the teamwork spirit, our engineers are always able to sort out design problems at the very beginning stage.

Product Assurance
We also conduct worst-case combination test, reliability test and usage simulation test against the product to ensure that it entirely meets its product specification.


Electronic Manufacturing

Precision Plastic
Our precision plastic injection machines offer advanced technological functions which include computerized servo close loop feedback control, 5-steps of plastic injection control and 2-strokes mold clamping, etc.

Mold Making
We possess well-facilitated mold-making house with a mission to provide high quality molds and professional advice. Our CAD/CAM team designs mold structure by using subtle engineering software such as Pro-Engineer Software and manufactures mold by using MasterCam Software for programming to the CNC machine. In order to precisely control the tooling steel, electrode dimensions and 3D profile dimensions, we use 3D software to adjust product dimension and check each mold with a CMM machine. This design assurance process results in good quality of molds.


Plastic Manufacturing

PE workshop & Custom made machine
Our PE workshop comprises of qualified chief engineers and experienced technicians. Their intensive experiences enable them to tailor-make sophisticated fixture to accommodate each specific production procedure of a particular project.

Production Capability
Our key success factor is our dedication to providing the first-class products and services to our clients. To get this achievement, we have made big investment into our production facilities and people. We feature in a well-trained staff.

Product Re-engineering
With our engineering talent, we are devoted to helping our customers to achieve continuous improvement on the product performance and quality for the purpose of coping with up-to-date market demand. Re-engineering is our company survival philosophy. Our product reengineering mission is to achieve continuous quality improvement and cost optimization. It sharpens our competitive edge in today's market.
Our extraordinary wide range of industrial manufacturing experience ranging from switching power supply, battery charger, toroidal transformer, power transformer, car charger, and adapter enable us to be a multi-technology manufacturer. No wonder, our PE workshop can take care every individual requirement of our automatic production equipment, jig & fixture, and machine control accessories. Every bit of job is built in-house to guarantee precision, consistency and accuracy.

Quality Assurance
With our sophisticated quality assurance system and well-trained quality control staff, we always endorse our best to obtain a high quality standard. We have also invested in automatic testing equipment to ensure a precise and consistent quality system.








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